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Recent NCCERT Events

Chatham County News Article on NC K9 E.R.T.

North Carolina K9 Emergency Response Team
by Valerie Broadway

This column was in the works before Hurricane Florence existed, but she is just the kind of disaster that could call for the work of the North Carolina K9 Emergency Response Team (NCK9ERT).

I interviewed Melisa Semenov, a Chatham resident who has been involved with NCK9ERT for 15 years. (See the full story by following the link below)

Chatham County News

NCPDA Certifications

Members of NC K9 E.R.T. participated on December 4, 2015 in North Carolina Police Dog Association Certifications

Congratulations to the following K9 Handlers:

Teresa Cummings                 K9 Rebel
Brent Haynes                         K9 Hank
Brent Haynes                         K9 Maggie
Sonia Geiss                             K9 Buddy

Human Remains Detection:
Mac Morgan                           K9 Hondo
Gordon Deno                         K9 Jax
Melisa Semenov                   K9 Sax
Susan Keenan                       K9 Xena
Teresa Cummings                K9 Scout
Sonia Geiss                             K9 Lucas
Marie Dotson                         K9 Murphy
Jack Thorpe                           K9 Bella



NASAR Human Remains Detection Exam

This past weekend, NC K9 Emergency Response Team (NC K9 E.R.T.) participated in NASAR Evaluations. Gordon Deno did the Evaluator Workshop and Judy Thigpin upgraded her evaluator level from other to Type III (pending NASAR approval).

The following teams passed NASAR Land HRD III Evaluation:
NC K9 E.R.T.
NASAR Certification (1st):
Susan Keenan & K9 Xena
Gordon Deno & K9 Jax

Melisa Semenov & K9 Sax
Mac Morgan & K9 Hondo & K9 Tucker
SC K9 E.R.T.
Marie Dotson & K9 Murphy

NC Troopers Association
Jack Thorpe & K9 Bella

Station 72 – Williston Fire Rescue/NCF SAR
Judy Thigpin & K9 Jurnee & K9 Ryker

A job well done by all.