Communications Unit

Our Communications Unit is one of the most versatile units within NC K9 E.R.T. and does not require attending a FUNSAR class or being a SAR Tech. This makes it available to those potential members who may not have the time or physical stamina to do wilderness search.

The primary function of the Communications Unit is to provide personnel for the operation and staffing of the NC K9 E.R.T. mobile command post. This command post is called “” It is a enclosed trailer that is equipped with radios, mapping, mobile data terminals, computers and other specialized equipment. Training is provided for all personnel. This will include a general orientation, search command orientation, map and compass, radio operation, computer operation, map plotting, forms and more forms.

The Communications Unit is responsible for monitoring and mapping the movement of teams during each mission. Radio transmissions are monitored in order to collect navigation data, or map coordinates, as each team carries out their assignment. When teams return to the command post, data is collected from their GPS units and downloaded onto specialized computer programs located in the Command trailer. An up to date record is maintained on the computer to indicate where teams are in the field, as well as, to record a history of what search areas have or have not been covered during the mission. This data is plotted to provide detailed graphic representations of maps that may be used by the management team in the planning of the future search operations.