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Tech Team Support HQ

Did you scan a shirt that looks like this? Get yours here.

Congratulations on finding your way here! You undoubtedly used some kind of device and technology to arrive here, and we want to share how NC K9 ERT uses technology and invite you to become a valued supporter of the Tech Team. Here we will explain what’s involved and how you can help. If you’re ready to commit right now, click the button below to go to our PayPal signup page.

NC K9 ERT uses lots of technology and equipment to find missing persons and evidence. Since we are a 100% volunteer team with no government funding, we have to acquire, maintain, and upgrade all of our tools either out of our own packets or through the generosity of our supporters.

To give you an idea about how much gear we are talking about, here’s a list of most items.
We maintain four boats for running sonar, K9s, and our divers. This means, in addition to the boats and their motors, we also maintain the trailers that we transport them on.

We maintain three trailers, command, sonar, and a dive trailer.

Then we have a converted ambulance truck that is used for transporting dive equipment. So, fuel, registration, maintenance, a generator, etc…

Since we are talking about the dive truck, we may as well mention the dive gear. In this category, we have the obvious dry suits, tanks, masks, regulators, and the numerous other components needed for diving. Each full dive kit starts at $3000!

If you’ve seen enough and are ready to be a supporter, click the button below, otherwise, let’s keep going.

Let’s talk about the sonar we mentioned earlier. We maintain three Humminbird side scan sonar units. These are what you might see on a decked-out fishing boat. We use them to see the bottom of bodies of water, but only when relatively shallow. One of the Humminbird units is in our remote-control boat. We use that for water that is not accessible by our bigger boats. Where the water is deeper and we need a good image, we use one of our two towed sonar units. We have one EdgeTech and one Marine Sonic. These sonar units are the primary way we find missing persons or evidence in water. They are also the single highest cost technology that we employ and sadly we are currently two generations behind. The mounted units start at $4000 each and the towed units closer to $40k each. Without supporters like you, it’s exceedingly difficult to secure upgrades.

Next is all the smaller items that we use. Radios, GPS, phones, field gear, K9 gear (leashes, collars, kennels, harnesses, etc..), diving gear, and uniforms. Most of these costs are paid by the members, but having a consistent kit available for members, supplied by the team, is what’s desired. This loadout starts at around $2000 per member.

Finally, there is all the software we use. From this website to team management software, K9 management software, mapping software, and office software. Plus a few back office and media software tools. Most of this software is paid for by the team with a few exceptions from generous corporate donors.

That’s a lot of stuff you might be saying to yourself, and you’d be right. This is where you come in. Historically, we would ask for large donations to help offset these costs, but now we are asking you join us as a Tech Team Supporter through a small monthly, recurring donation (or large if you are so inclined). You will be directly funding the acquisition, maintenance, and upgrade of all this equipment! While you are an active supporter, your name will be added to Tech Team Supporter Roster where you enjoy public recognition and early communications about what’s happening with the technology and equipment on the team. Other rewards will be made available at thresholds to be determined for our most committed supporters. Join us today! Click the button below to be part of something awesome!