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Code Blue Designs Software

 Code Blue Designs, developers of the world renowned KANINE Tracking Software. Code Blue Designs has been creating software for Law Enforcement since 2000. Created originally by a Police Officer/K9 Handler, KANINE software is designed to help your agency, more easily, manage your K9 teams. Currently, there are more than 2000 agencies utilizing our K9 Tracking software. Our goal is to offer the absolute best K9 tracking software in the world. We pride ourselves on creating innovative functionality that helps to minimize reporting time and increase supervisory awareness and control of the unit. KANINE Software has been designed to work for not only law enforcement, but ANY kind of working K9 team. We continuously strive to improve the user’s ability to customize the software so that it better suits the needs of the user.

Sales and Support

KANINE Software sales and support are now being managed by our sole distributor: