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NC CERT Annual SARX a Smashing Success!

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Washington NC – February 21-23, 2014:

NC CERT held their annual Eastern Search and Rescue exercise this February and the event was an enormous success.  We would like to thank all of the teams who participated including our presenters.

Nona Best from the NC Center for Missing Persons gave us an in depth presentation on what the center is about.  The presentation went into detail about Amber and Silver alerts.  We would like to thank Nona for coming out and taking the time to expand our knowledge about the center and alerts themselves.

To the North Carolina Highway Patrol Aviation Unit, thank you for your time not only presenting safety tips for searchers around operating aircraft, but also for directing search operations during a specialized training session and allowing many of our participants to work with the helicopter.  Many of the teams had not had that opportunity in the past, and we appreciate you working with us on making that happen.   Your dedication and professionalism is well noted and we look forward to working with you again next year.

To our participants.  Thank you for coming, and we hope you learned a lot about large search operations.  We also appreciate you helping with cleanup and other items that you weren’t required to do.  It showed just how much teamwork pays off no matter what organization you’re with.

To the Salvation Army and Red Cross, thank you so much for your support.  Your dedication and your support made this a smashing success!  You kept everyone fed, warm and ready to go for our next missions.  Many of our folks were tired but you were there to talk to us, hand us a cup of coffee, feed us GREAT food and be a good friend to all involved. Your efforts will not be forgotten.

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